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Volunteering helps make a difference in the lives of others

The Menominee Recreation Department gratefully accepts the aid of volunteers for a wide variety of projects, programs and events.  Volunteers are a huge asset and vital part of the community and Recreation Department.  We also work with community and school groups! 


What Can a Volunteer Do
  • Assist an instructor
  • Provide snacks or art materials

  • Instruct a sport clinic

  • Raise funds

  • Coach a team

  • Keep score/time at a game

  • Run admissions table

  • Coordinate a league

  • Organize and host an event

  • Adopt-a-Park


Why Volunteer
  • Enhance the community

  • Make a difference

  • Meet new people

  • Learn about the community

  • Develop new skills

  • Share a talent or skills with others

  • Receive recognition

  • Have FUN!


How to Volunteer

The staff would love to help you learn more about how

to volunteer. Please complete the volunteer application

below and contact the Recreation Department at

(906) 863-1737 to find out more!

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